How it works

There are many alternatives.
We just have to create them!

The human species created reality as it is now. We are responsible for how the world works and that is why it is only natural that we aim to make the world better adapted to the needs and well-being of the people and the planet as a whole.

Every single person can design the future as she or he sees fit. Humans have the creative power to do this.

If you are looking for a theory, an idea, a project, an initiative that you believe in and / or are passionate about you are invited to become a member!

– you meet with other members to network, to inform and inspire yourself
– you get involved with what brings you joy
– you connect with other members to work on and implement the theory, idea, project, initiative you believe in and are passionate about
– you share the fruits of your work and effort with your mates

SELBST provides its members a framework to achieve what they crave to achieve.

SELBST provides its members the possibility
– to get together with people with a different background, with a different point of view, in order to enrich your world and the world of everybody else
– to grapple with already existing alternatives to the status quo
– to connect with other visionaries to work on new stories and theories aiming to create alternatives to the status quo

SELBST believes that the interaction between theorists, makers, financiers yields big potential. That’s why SELBST offers three types of membership:

– Action membership
– Creative membership
– Sponsor membership

Together we are strong.

We are looking for members and employees who, with their enthusiasm and zest for action, help to shape a society in which everyone would like to live.

Have a look at our membership options to be part of this!

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