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Rosselini and Reality

In his work, the great Italian director Roberto Rossellini deals with the question: What role does illusion and reality play in the lives of the people and the societies they have built?
Do we need illusions, as Virginia Woolf claims in her novel “Orlando”?
What is the function of the illusion?
What is the relationship between illusion and reality?
What does a loss of reality and an increase in illusion mean for a society?
How can the individual establish a winning balance between reality and illusions?
Is it possible to distinguish illusion from reality?
Is the question of reality and illusion a fruitful question?
What is the power of illusion? What is the power of reality?
Is it possible to cognitively distinguish between illusions and reality?
What does the distinction between reality and illusion mean for the development of artificial intelligences?

These and many other questions are asked in the film series „Rossellini and reality“. For every screening we invite an expert to discuss one or more of those questions.

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