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Teal Organizations & NVC Meetup Berlin

More and more people are feeling exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, for many people, the world in which they live has become too much, too fast-paced, too unpredictable, too unmanageable. Why is that?

With his book “Reinventing Organizations” Frederic Laloux presents an analysis of the possible problem and at the same time a concrete suggestion how to solve the problem.

In a nutshell: the way people live, what they think, how they feel, what goals they pursue, what values they strive for is inseparable from society and the way society is organized.

According to Frederic Laloux, the key problem is that the way we run organizations no longer works. So it’s about finding a whole new way to organize organizations, institutes, companies.

„Somehow, almost everyone feels that the way we work in organizations today is not working anymore, that the previous system has passed its zenith. Sometimes you get the impression that everyone is losing out.

One study after another shows that the vast majority of employees no longer enjoy working. For example, a 2013 poll by Gallup showed that only 13 percent of employees worldwide are truly engaged in their work (63 percent are only half-heartedly present and 24 have internally quit).
Management guru Gary Hamel correctly describes this as “shame of the management“.

Customer confidence in business is at a low, and so is brand loyalty. In many countries health care seems to be profoundly inadequate. Children are trafficked in schools in groups of twenty or thirty students through a fixed curriculum, like goods in a factory, and a shocking number of them can not keep up with this system.

But even more fundamental than all these problems is the damage we inflict on the planet that houses us. To varying degrees, all organizations are part of a system that pollutes the atmosphere, water and soil, destroys at a daunting time inestimable ecosystems and animal species, and exploits resources that will no longer be available to our children’s children. ”
Frederik Laloux „Reinventing Organizations“

In his book, Frederic Laloux presents case studies of how companies have developed a new organizational model that Laloux calls evolutionary-teal.
Buurtzorg, AES, Heiligenfeld, Patagonia, Favi are companies that use the organizational model evolutionary-teal.

Teal organizations follow the same philanthropic intent underlying the concept of Nonviolent Communication.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also called Collaborative Communication is an approach to nonviolent living developed by Marshall Rosenberg.
It is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behavior that harms themselves and others when they do not recognize more effective strategies for meeting needs.
Habits of thinking and speaking that lead to the use of violence (social, psychological and physical) are learned through culture. NVC theory supposes all human behavior stems from attempts to meet universal human needs and that these needs are never in conflict. Rather, conflict arises when strategies for meeting needs clash. NVC proposes that people identify shared needs, revealed by the thoughts and feelings that surround these needs, and collaborate to develop strategies that meet them. This creates both harmony and learning for future cooperation.

How does it work?

We will get to know and practice the concepts of Teal organizations. We dedicate the first 45 minutes of the Meetup to the theory and the rest of the time of practice, that is, the practice of concepts and models.

The Meetup will take place weekly. Always alternating between German and English. So, if you like, you have the opportunity to hear and work with the same content in German and English.

This Meetup is for people:
– who are interested in “Reinventing Organizations” and the evolutionary-teal model
– who want to improve their communication skills
– who want to experience and understand group dynamics
– who want to practice non-violent communication
– who are curious and hungry for innovation and new ideas

Let us become the change we seek in the world.

You want to initiate change, not because it is easy, but because it is hard, then we are what you´re looking for.

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