You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Richard Buckminster Fuller

SELBST´s vision is a self-sustaining community in which people passionately work with like-minded people on meaningful projects, concentrating on generally desirable goals and contribute to create a future in which we all want to live.

How can SELBST create value for the community and its members?

Even though there is a lot of knowledge about ecology, politics and topics of humanity, it is a major problem that all this knowledge does not very often find its way into a meaningful applications.

Existing knowledge might tell us what to do, but our individual lifestyle or culture often contradict potential solutions.

Most of the time we know what’s right and good but we do what we always do.
How can we create a world in which it is easier to apply all the knowledge we have?

1) we need visions to formulate alternatives to the status quo
2) we need clear goals and
3) we need the conviction that we are able to successfully master the challenges of our time

SELBST believes in the power of diversity and cooperation.

SELBST offers a platform combining the advantages of face to face meetings with the opportunities of our age of digitalization in order to foster the development of projects. Thereby it creates the opportunity of bringing theorists and creative people together.

Here are three examples of theories that can serve as a basis and source of inspiration for future SELBST projects and SELBST initiatives.

Frederic Laloux – Reinventing organisations (2014)
Ulrike Guérot – Warum Europa eine Republik werden muss! (2016)
Kate Raworth – Doughnut Economics (2017)

Together we are strong.

We are looking for members and employees who, with their enthusiasm and zest for action, help to shape a society in which everyone would like to live.

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